Tip of the Week: Put Your Salesforce Training Video in a ScreenSteps Article

Posted by Jonathan DeVore

This week we discussed why you should make a Salesforce training video, and then I gave you a few tips on how to make one. But making training content isn't enough - you also need to make it easy for your end-users to find. 

If you're using ScreenSteps to manage your Salesforce training and onboarding documentation, then there's an easy way to include your videos in a ScreenSteps article and make them readily available to your end-users.


Today's tip assumes that you've made a training video and uploaded it to a hosting service. We personally use Screenflow to make training videos that use screen recordings, and we upload our videos to either Wistia or YouTube depending on the type of video we're sharing (check out this list of other hosting services). 

Putting video in a ScreenSteps article

ScreenSteps does not record video nor does it host video files. But that doesn't mean you can't incorporate video in your ScreenSteps articles. To include video in your ScreenSteps online library, follow these three steps:

  1. Choose video size and copy Embed code
  2. Change ScreenSteps media type to HTML
  3. Paste Embed code into the step

That's it! When you're done adding the video, include some text in your ScreenSteps article so your end-users can find it with a quick keyword search. You can also tag the article so it shows up as contextual help.

1 - Choose vido size and copy Embed code

In this example, I want to share the video from YouTube of Micahel Bay walking off stage. 


  1. Find the video I want to share
  2. Click on the "Share" button
  3. Click on "Embed"
  4. Choose the video size
  5. Copy the Embed code

2 - Change ScreenSteps media type to HTML

I'll open an article in my ScreenSteps desktop editor. In the editor, I have the option to either include image files or HTML code in each individual step. To include video, I will have to change the step media type from image to HTML.


  1. Select the step I want to include video
  2. Click the step inspector

When the inspector opens up, I just need to change the media type from image to HTML.


If I wanted to change the media type for multiple steps at one time, I would just select multiple steps while holding down Shift, and then I could change the media type en masse.

3 - Paste Embed code into the step

The step will now show a text box - an open invitation to include any HTML code I'd like.


I'll copy and paste the code that I grabbed from YouTube, and include some paragraph text below so that end-users can search for Michael Bay walking off stage.


When I'm done adding the video to my ScreenSteps article, I'll check the article in and it will be available for my end-users to access right from their Salesforce screen.


How else are you sharing your videos?

How do you share your Salesforce training videos with your end-users? Do you have any tips for improving how your videos are viewed?

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