Quick Tip: Using Two Images in a Step for Salesforce Documentation

Posted by Jonathan DeVore

In ScreenSteps, you can include multiple images in one step. You probably only need multiple images in a step about 10% of the time, but it's handy to be able to have two images side-by-side when you need it.

Why would I do this?

Putting images side-by-side can help you show contrast. For example, in a recent article I wrote about using WalkMe with Salesforce, I wanted to show contrast between the search results for when I was looking for how to create a new account.

The image on the left shows the search results for my search term "How do I create a new account?" You can see that several search results come up that aren't relevant because the results include "How... Create a New..." You can see that including the words "how," "create," or "new" in my search would return irrelevant results. 


The image on the right shows the results for when I just put the search term "account," and you can see the only results that show up are for "account." This would be a better search term when looking for a Walk-Thru in WalkMe on how to create a new account.

I like the side-by-side comparison so a reader can see the contrast.

How do I do this in ScreenSteps?

ScreenSteps makes this pretty easy. Just go to a step, and under the image is a "+" icon. Click the icon and you get an option to add another image via screenshot or to add a saved image stored in a file.


You can then drag the images around so that they are side-by-side or on top of each other.

Images may appear smaller

In the example I showed above, the images are a little smaller. This happens because I put two large images side-by-side. Just be aware that if you have multiple large images you're putting in one step, they might be difficult to read - so you'll have to adjust accordingly.

Either take smaller screenshots, or reconsider having the two images side-by-side (maybe put them one on top of the other).

What are some other reasons you're using two images in a step?

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