Why We're Blogging About Salesforce Training, Onboarding, and Educating

Posted by Jonathan DeVore


It's no secret that Salesforce is taking the world by storm - well over 100,000 businesses and around 18,000 nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions are using Salesforce.

But what isn't as well advertised is that the majority of organizations struggle when it comes to user adoption and proper training. In many cases, licenses go unused and staff members get lost when it comes to knowing what information needs to go where.

Who this blog will help

This blog is focused on helping Admins, Power Users, and Trainers create training programs and training resources that help users learn how to use Salesforce. We acknowledge that great training is not a silver bullet for solving all user adoption issues, but it will definitely help.

We assume that you already know the content you want others to learn - we're going to help you effectively transfer that knowledge.

How we will help

We want to help you become a great teacher so that your organization can effectively use Salesforce to grow your business and fulfill its mission. In our blog, we will discuss: 

  • Creating Salesforce training plans
  • Planning for ongoing Salesforce user support
  • Understanding the pyschology of learning
  • Utilizing technology to teach your Salesforce users
In addition, we will provide case studies that show how companies have successfully trained and supported their Salesforce users.

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