The d-Myth: Your Salesforce Documentation Will Not Improve Operations

Posted by Jonathan DeVore

god-vector-1-6There is something I like to call the d-myth. It's based off that book called e-myth (the myth that as long as you can make a great apple pie, you can run a successful apple pie business).

In my myth, the "d" stands for documentation. The myth is that, as long as you make some documentation (e.g. job aids), your organization will run better. Well, that's just not true. One job aid that explains how to create an account in Salesforce will not change anything. Nor will 1,000 job aids that nobody ever reads.

Documentation CAN make your organization run better - but it's just like the set of dumbbells sitting in my garage. The dumbbells only work if I use them. And my results will vary depending on HOW I use them. Your documentation and training material are no different - they both have great potential to make operations run smoothly, but only if you use them in the right way.

For job aids to work, you have to know why people would use them, where they fit in the big picture, how to make them, and then you have to actively show users how to use them.

So don't just make one or two job aids about how to create and update a lead - that won't do anything to improve your operations. Make some process maps, write a job aid for each process that needs explaining, and next time you do a training, show users how to reference them.

Just like the eMyth indicates - if you do things right, you can be successful. But it takes work, some planning, and execution.

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